Even the best plumbing systems can become damaged or suffer from loose connections. Although there is the occasional busted pipe that spews water all over the house and causes massive flooding, not all leaks are so obvious. In fact many times, leakage generally starts out with a tiny trickle that worsens over time. Both the good and the bad news is, leaks usually leave a trail that you eventually notice, hopefully before it turns into a major repair. Below are a few signs of water leakage to look for.

Mold or Mildew

The number one clue that there is water leaking somewhere in your home is signs of mold or mildew. Mold generally grows quickly in moist or damp areas, particularly walls and pipes. Mold can actually grow through a wall and be seen on the other side in your Ada home. Because of it’s black fuzzy appearance it’s easy to spot and should be a clear warning that there is leakage somewhere in your home.

Damaged Ceiling

If you look up and see discoloring on ceiling, don’t assume it’s because Jr threw his spaghetti into the air. It could be a sign there is leaking occuring on the roof. At this point you may need to hire a roofing company to come in and inspect your home or business’ roof for air and water leaks. If your property is multi-level, then there’s a good chance that pipes may be running in between the floors. Either way, ceiling stains could be alarming you that there is a leak somewhere in your home.

Warped or Stained Walls

There are several ways to tell if there is a water leakage around your walls. If the drywall is weak and easy to puncture, if it’s warped, or if it’s discolored, then there’s probably leak in the pipes somewhere close. You can also look in the area around the wall such as the basboards, flooring or even the ceiling to follow the trail of the leak, if possible. A professional Ada plumber will have to tear out the damaged areas of the wall in order to locate and assess the damage.

A Musty Odor

If you walk into a rom and happen to smell a musty odor, that may be a sign of water damage. Old water in any home will cause rotting which will inevitably give off an odor. This can happen in the wood, the drywall, on pipes, or any other materials. When you smell odor, try to locate it and then look for additional signs of water.

Do Not Delay

As soon as you notice water damage anywhere in your home, do not hesitate to act. Water can cause damage to your home or business structure and wind up costing hundreds of dollars in repairs. Find a reputable company that will not only fix the damage, but can also treat the damaged areas and prevent further rottingin your Ada home.