Directional Boring


Cactus Plumbing provides full service directional boring services all across South Central Oklahoma. We use the most advanced technology and equipment in the industry today including directional drills punch trucks and auguring machines that allow us to drill up to 3,000 meters deep and create a whole that is 3 feet wide. Our team of contractors have several combined year of drilling experience and are highly trained in all modern drilling and digging methods. This allows us to perform every single boring job with absolute precision to your exact specifications. Call our Ada plumbers today for an on-site inspection and free estimate.

What is Directional Boring?

Ada Directional boring, a.k.a. directional drilling, is a steerable trenchless technique of implementing pipes, conduits and cables under the surface in a specified direction or path utilizing a drilling rig while leaving a clean area that remains in tact during the entire process. It is generally used in areas were established landscapes or hardscapes are present. Many of the projects that we work on include several hundred feet of pipe or cable installation and covers massive areas. We provide drilling for areas where there is pure soil that does not contain stationary rock layers or massive stone. We use state of the art equipment in order to achieve this type of drilling.

Comprehensive Boring Services

We perform a wide range of services for all companies and major corporations in different professional fields. We drill holes and install pipelines, fibre optic, all types of cable, gas and fuel lines, and water and sewer lines. We are accurate with every drilling job we perform and measure exact depths as given by our clients. No matter what type of job you need we can deliver amazing results.

Professional Trenchless Sewer Services

Cactus Plumbing boring services offers trenchless installation of sewer lines and pipelines in Pontotac County. With trenchless services we are able to complete any job for both residential and commercial property without any excavation or damage to your lawn. Our trenchless service allows us to either replace pipeline or patch it up with a ‘leave no trace’ technique. This advanced method keeps you from having to incur cleanup or yard repair expenses. With trenchless, there is no more digging up your sidewalk, driveway or landscape. All jobs are performed beneath the surface. This save you both time and money and helps us to complete the job more quickly.