Plumbing Services


With a wide range of services available we are Ada’s most trusted source for all plumbing your plumbing needs. Whether you need plumbing repairs, maintenance, or installation, Cactus Plumbing has you covered. Our certified crew of of plumbers in Ada is on hand ready to help when you need us. We offer affordable rates, dependable work, and fast service that is reliable and consistent. Contact our Pontotoc plumbers today for a free estimate and let us get to work to help you with your repairs or blocked drains.

Plumbing Repairs

All of our repairs are thorough and performed efficiently with no hassle. We cover all services that include pipe repair and replacement, water heater repair, fixtures, and faucets, and, leaky drains. Our repair also extends to septic systems and aerobic systems. We use the most advanced equipment on the market today in order to properly fix and plumbing problem. 

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Drain Cleaning

Let’s face it, most DIY drain cleaning jobs just don’t work. While they provide quick solutions that may work for a few days, they don’t adequately fix the real problems. A professional plumber can handle the real issues and go all the way down to the base of your system. We completely clear out your clogged pipes and scrub the inner walls of your plumbing without damaging the system or corroding the pipes with harsh chemicals.

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Water Heaters

Whether you need routing maintenance, major repairs, or a brand new unit, we perform all water heater work for both residential and commercial properties. We work on both standard tank heaters and tankless water heaters. We cover all repairs that include elements, pilots, tanks, wiring, pipes, and all other components.

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Most fixtures and faucets can be repaired or replaced in no time at all. So if you are looking to have your current fixtures repaired or if you just purchased new faucets and need them installed, we can get the job done in no time at all. We perform every job with precision in and care in order to keep the fixtures from getting damaged and retain their shine.

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Remodel Plumbing

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, we can help you every step of the way. We can help your clear out your old plumbing and fixtures and then install brand new pipes, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, appliance connections, and all other items in your bathroom. Regardless of how large or small the jobs is we provide complete remodeling for all plumbing in your home.

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New Construction Plumbing

Getting ready to build that new house? We offer brand new plumbing installation from the ground up. We work with construction companies in order to sub-contract out complete plumbing systems for every room and every project.

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Septic & Aerobic Systems

Regardless of what type of system you have for your home or business we can work on it. We specialized in both standard septic systems and aerobic systems. We can perform all installations, repairs, and routine maintenance.

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Water Pumping

If you are experiencing a flood and need fast service, we can send someone out right away to pump the water completely off of your property. Whether it’s interior or exterior, we suck the water away and help you with total cleanup.

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