Storm & Safe Rooms


Home and business owners in Ada know that most properties are not built to withstand the impact of a major tornado when it strikes. As an F5 twister sweeps across South Central Oklahoma, it slams into everything with brute force, and the chances of surviving a direct hit from a funnel while in your home or business is minimal. Why take the risk your life or the lives of the occupants inside your home or business? Invest in a solid-built storm shelter or safe house today.

Quality Shelter Construction

Our storm shelters and safe houses in Ada are designed to withstand any F5 tornado and winds of up to 330 miles per hour. The frame is constructed of metal walls that are greater than 1/8 thick. They are grounded in order to keep you safe from electrocution during a lightning storm. They are also waterproof and can withstand all torrential rain and flooding. While extreme weather is occurring outside you can feel confident knowing that everyone is safe inside.

Custom Designed Shelter

Our shelters are completely customizeable and can built to any size or dimension in order to protect everything and everyone inside regardless of how much space you require. They can be attached to the outside of your property, be completely separate, or even be constructed underground. They can be large enough to fit vehicles and emergency supplies or small enough for just a few people. They are advanced enough to house emergency energy or just simply be an empty space. Regardless of how they are built, they are primarily designed to protect you during a tornado.

Safe Rooms

Safe rooms in Pontotac County are slightly different than shelters in that they are generally built as an addition to a residential or commercial property and strategically placed in an area of the building that is either safe or quickly accessible. Safe rooms are designed with the same protective features as shelters. The created so that even if the rest of the building is destroyed, the safe room will remain in tact. They can withstand the weight of structural rubble and the intensity of a tornado all at once.

Storm Safety Experts in Ada

Storm shelters and safety houses are a major investment in the safety of your family. This is an area of construction that requires absolute precision and accuracy with no room for mistakes. Only an experienced, highly trained company should be hired for this type of work. We are a company that both homes and business owners rely on for the highest quality our Ada plumbers and Safe House installers that match all state and city codes and all minimal storm specification. When you want it done right, then choose Cactus Plumbing.