Septic Aerobic Systems


Ada Septic & Aerobic Systems

At least a quarter of all homes and businesses in South Central Oklahoma rely on septic tanks or aerobic systems to process daily waste. Cactus Plumbing professionals have the experience and training necessary to repair, pump, and replace septic tanks and aerobic tanks. If you are experiencing septic tanks that are either backed up or have damage and need immediate help, then contact your Ada plumbers today. We are the plumbing professionals in Ada and the surrounding area.

Septic Tank Inspections & Maintenance

In order to keep your septic running smoothly all year long, it is important to have it inspected. We recommend a thorough inspection and maintenance once every 2-3 years for optimum performance. Our comprehensive inspection plan includes assessing your system for leaks, blockage and making sure that all components are working properly. We will provide you with a full report of the current condition of your septic tank and even inform you if a full replacement might be necessary. Our inspections are fast, reliable, and affordable. Inspections can keep minor problems from turning into major repairs and save you money down the road.

Septic Tank Pumping

The average septic tank requires pumping every three to five years. We provide pumping service in Pontotac County that totally cleans out your septic tank and completely removes all waste from the property. We deliver all waste to an environmentally friendly treatment plant that meets all city and state codes. Your tank will be full restored and full operational when pumping is completed. This insures that it will operate smoothly for many years to come. We pump all tanks for both residential and commercial properties. No matter how big your tank is, we can get the job done.

Septic Tank Repair

Whether it’s residential or commercial property, septic tank repair in Pontotac County is a highly technical job that should only be performed by a professional company. Our staff is certified to repair all types of septic tanks no matter how large or small. We can repair or replace all damaged components and have your septic tank running again. This includes all inlets and piping, vents, baffles, vents, tanks, trenches, and distribution boxes among other parts. if it appears that your septic tank is heavily damaged and that repairs will be too costly, we may recommend full replacement of the system in order to save you money and hassle down the road.

Aerobic Plumbing System Repair

In addition to standard Ada septic & aerobic systems, we also provide repair, replacement, and maintenance for all aerobic plumbing systems. Most common aerobic repairs include faulty pumps, control panels, clogged or broken sprinkler heads, damaged aerators, and punctured or submerged floats. All of these components can be repairs or replaced so that your aerobic plumbing system can properly run. Since aerobic systems use oxygen and bacteria to break down waste, it is important that all parts are functioning in order for this process to take place. Contact us today for a full inspection and maintenance or repair. We can also install brand new systems for your home or business.