Other Services


At Cactus Plumbing, we provide complete service for both residential and commercial properties all across South Central Oklahoma. In addition plumbing and HVAC we also do directional boring and Storm & Safe rooms for all Ada home and business owners. Cactus Plumbing not only provides the best Ada plumbers but also the best specialists to fix your home and business needs!

Directional Boring Services

Cactus Plumbing offers comprehensive directional boring work. We use the most advanced technology on the market today in order to provide accurate boring every time. We use directional drills, punch trucks and auguring equipment that helps us work efficiently. We have full support equipment that allows us to dig holes as deep as 3,000 meters in length and 3 feet in area. Our experienced team of contractors are familiar with all drilling methods and modern techniques. They can dig any hole and can meet all specifications that our clients need.

Our clients include oil and gas companies and corporations that use our company in order to run pipelines, fibre optic lines, all types of cable, fuel, water lines and sewer applications. Cactus Plumbing works closely with our clients in order to put a plan in place prior to boring. Afterwards, we consult with the client in order to insure all exact specifications are met.

Our boring service include drilling, directional punching, pipe ramming or excavating, and tank installation. Contact us today in order to find out about our full range of boring work available to you.

Storm Shelters & Safe Houses

People in South Central Oklahoma know that NO standard residential or commercial property is safe from tornadoes. When an F5 twister sweeps across [main_area], the chances of surviving a tornado in your home or business is slim at best. Why gamble with your life or the lives of the occupants inside your property? Invest in a storm shelter or safe house today from Cactus Plumbing.

Our storm shelters and safe rooms are designed to withstand any F5 tornado and winds of up to 330 miles per hour. Our homes are constructed of metal walls that are greater than 1/8 thick. They are grounded in order to keep you safe inside during lightning. They are also waterproof and can withstand all torrential rain and flooding.

Our shelters and safe rooms are completely customizeable and large to protect everything and everyone inside regardless of the weather conditions outside. They can built into your home or office, completely separate from the main property, or even built underground. They can be large enough to fit vehicles and emergency supplies or small enough for just a few people. They are advanced enough to house emergency energy or just simply be an empty space. Regardless of how they are built, you van feel confident that they are primarily built to protect you during a tornado.

We can build shelters for any home, business or organization. They are ideal for churches, fire departments, schools, businesses, homes, and any other building where there is regular occupancy.