Remodel Plumbing


Remodeling is both an exciting and challenging time for any home or business owner. With all the options available to you, it’s important to hire a professional who has both experience and training in a wide variety of remodeling projects. Since 2007, Cactus Plumbing has built a reputation as Ada plumbing remodeling experts that both home and business owners and contractors trust. Our team of certified plumbers and technicians have worked on numerous remodeling projects and have successfully worked with clients to create kitchen and bathrooms that are innovative and fully functional. Contactour Ada plumbers today for a free consultation, and let us help navigate you step by step through your next remodeling project.

Kitchen Remodeling Made Easy

The kitchen is hands down the one room in your home that receives the most day to day activity. When you consider all that the kitchen goes through in one day, it can be pretty tough. Therefore, it’s important that all plumbing related components in your kitchen are both stylish and durable in order to handle that daily abuse. We can help you pick out quality fixtures for your kitchen that also complement the look of your entire room. From sinks to faucets, garbage disposals, all plumbing, and even accessories for the appliances that utilize water such as refrigerators and dishwasher, we can deliver and install all products. Complete your kitchen today with professional remodeling installation from Cactus Plumbing.

Innovative Bathroom Renovation

Both home and business owners prefer bathrooms in Pontotac County that are both luxurious and fully functional. With all the water-based items in your bathroom, it is essential to create an environment that is not only attractive, but water-tight and safe at the same time. We install all bathroom fixtures and accessories for both home and businesses. This includes showers, tubs, sinks, all plumbing, faucets, knobs, toilets, and drains. We provide comprehensive service that takes care of every single item in your bathroom.

The Importance of Quality

As home and business owners, we understand that you are often on a budget. in fact, saving money is half the battle of home renovation. It has been our experience as a company that purchasing cheap plumbing products and hiring cheap labor often creates considerable headaches and frustrations down the road. The greatest threat your home faces in buying low quality plumbing is water damage. This could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in floods, leaks, and other water issues. A wise home or business owner understands the value of good products. So when you make the decision to invest in plumbing and fixtures for your plumbing remodeling project, then invest in the highest quality products that you can afford, and hire a reputable licensed plumbing company that can insure that your products will be installed properly according to industry standards. You won’t regret it!